The Story of Speede

As he worked towards a career as a professional baseball player, Dan Mooney’s playing days were cut short by a devastating injury. After trying to make a recovery, he realized that his true path was to help other athletes build strength and avoid injuries like his. Dan knew the value of eccentric movements for rapidly building strength, but saw that these movements were not safe or accessible for the average athlete. Together with fitness mentors,
technology experts, and co-founder Greg Tepas—a visionary business leader—Dan and the team developed this idea into an all-in-one strength training solution called Speede.

Now, as Speede enters the market, Dan and Greg share a vision of equipping every person—regardless of their current fitness level—with the tools and inspiration they need to reach their full potential.

Greg Tepas
Co-Founder and CEO

Dan Mooney
Co-Founder and President

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