Built to improve
athlete performance

and revolutionize the way you track it.

For trainers and strength & conditioning coaches, the Speede Challenger is a gamechanger. Help your athletes and clients to get faster strength gains while the built-in AI monitors their growth.


Faster, deeper muscle fatigue

By increasing time under tension, Speede’s Isokinetic and Eccentric training produces deeper muscle fatigue in a shorter period of time.

Safe Eccentric Training

Speede’s Eccentric movements allow you to lift 40-50% more load, but in a safer and more controlled manner than traditional methods.

More Specific & Effective Sessions

Speede offers both Isokinetic and Isotonic training that can be isolated into concentric or eccentric stages so you can target any muscle group.

“I’ve wanted to incorporate eccentrics in season because it is a great way to improve strength."

However, I have avoided them due to safety concerns. With Speede, Athletes will be able to train to maintain and in some cases train to gain in season now.

Adam T.,
Personal Trainer

“Speede is good for athletes who are limited by time due to their busy schedule.

It’s a safer workout with less chance of injury, without using free weights.

Josh W.,
Personal Trainer

How Speede Helps You Build Your Business

Offer a differentiated experience

Set yourself apart by offering data-driven workouts and the best strength training technology.

Design your own programs

Create custom workouts that match your philosophy, with the ability to combine Isotonic, Eccentric, Isokinetic and Recovery exercises.

Easily monitor your clients’ progress

Client data is automatically tracked and compiled, helping you show them their gains in real time.

Keep clients coming back

Provide a fun, engaging experience that keeps clients motivated and encourages referrals.


Learn how Speede helps you do more with less.

Add speede to your gym

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