Get Stronger. Faster.

Introducing Speede. The machine that gives you the most effective workout ever.


Designed by aerospace engineers, Speede is the first fitness technology to combine isotonic, isokinetic and eccentric training for a more intense, more efficient workout.

“As a professional athlete who constantly does fast, explosive, circuit-type workouts, Speede caught me off guard with how challenging it was and how effective it was. It was kind of just baffling.”

-Michael Chandler, MMA Fighter


With two workout modes and up to 2,000 pounds of resistance, Speede will take your fitness to the next level. Speede senses your strength to provide more efficient and effective training than any traditional method. 

Standard Mode
Isotonic training designed to develop strength, power and agility

Nemesis™ Mode
Isokinetic training that offers consistent, unrelenting resistance throughout an entire movement

Excentric™ Mode
Targeted eccentric training that produces greater increases in muscle mass

Recovery Mode
Off-day training that assists in muscle growth and rebuilding

Build Strength faster

Speede leverages the latest strength training science to shorten your training time and build muscle more efficiently.

Improve power and performance

With built-in eccentric training, Speede helps you develop more explosiveness and flexibility while attacking body fat.

Get Instant Feedback

Speede’s artificial intelligence adapts to you as you move, learning your strength and pushing you to get better.
200 workouts are waiting for you.

With Speede, you can perform nearly any strength training movement you can imagine, from bench presses and squats to rows, curls, lunges and more. Every movement is optimized to your unique strength and abilities.

Full Body Workouts
Lower Body Workouts
Upper Body Workouts
Recovery Days
Warm Ups
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