Train your way with Speede’s Standard Mode. This mode offers more traditional movements to complement the intense training of Nemesis Mode and Excentric™ Mode.

You’ll never go back to free weights again.

Standard Mode is like a complete gym in one machine. Tackle upper body, lower body and full body workouts tracked by data to make faster gains.

ain with hundreds of traditional movements

Add versatility to your workouts

Easily change resistance levels

muscle up

Learn how Standard Mode complements Speede’s isokinetic and eccentric training.

“Great athletes are versatile athletes. With Standard Mode, you get all the advantages of digital training and unlock more ways to lift.”

John McNulty, Speede Director of Education

A tried & true workout. Any time.

Standard Mode gives you all the benefits of isotonic training, including calorie burning, strength building and improved cardio health. Get bigger or get toned—it’s your choice with Speede’s personalized data and built-in AI.

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