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Speede is designed for athletes, but made for everyone. Whether you’re looking to improve your athletic performance or to maintain your health and fitness, Speede’s technology can help you get stronger faster with the most efficient workouts ever.

Yes! Speede includes over 200 workouts and is capable of performing almost any strength training movement you can imagine, with up to 2,000 lbs of resistance.

Yes, the Speede Challenger is now available for pre-order here and is expected to ship in mid-2022.

Yes, your $39/month Speede Membership unlocks all movements and tracks your progress. It also allows you to sign in to any Speede machine in the world for personalized training. 

It’s pronounced like “speed.” (The last “e” is silent.) Our name was inspired by how quickly our machine is able to create momentary muscular failure (MMF), which is the key to building strength faster.

Science faq's

Not only can you use Speede in the Standard Mode similar to traditional exercise (free weights, cables, dumbbells, etc.) but the Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode and Eccentric (Excentric™) Mode allow for a superior stimulus to the body in a fast, safe and extremely effective manner. Simply put, Speede can help you get stronger, faster.

The Isokinetic Mode focuses on several functions that are often overlooked in traditional strength training: the strength curve and the orderly recruitment of muscle fiber.

Muscles have the ability to exert different amounts of force at various joint angles. At some points during a movement, your muscles are very strong, while at other points they’re relatively weak. This is called the strength curve. The strength curve limits you during traditional strength training because you’re forced to choose one level of resistance (or weight) for the entire motion. This is where the Isokinetic Mode is a gamechanger: the velocity of the motion is always kept the same but the resistance alters. The “sticking point” is eliminated because the resistance adapts to the force applied by the person and takes the guesswork out of what resistance amount to use.

Engaging fast-twitch (IIb) fibers is the key to maximum strength gains, but this is not often achieved in traditional strength training. That’s because slow and intermediate fibers must be quickly fatigued before the fast-twitch fibers can be engaged, and typical equipment cannot accomplish that. By contrast, Speede is specifically designed to engage fast-twitch fibers and achieve the orderly recruitment of muscle fiber by fatiguing slow and intermediate motor units so rapidly that they cannot recover. With Speede, your body can face the perfect resistance at every point of your range of motion within each movement, tapping into those fast-twitch fibers.

Additionally, the Eccentric Mode provides an eccentric overload or supramaximal eccentric contraction. This stimulates the body for faster muscle force development (power). Knowing that many non-contac sports injuries occur during the deceleration phase of movement, it also reduces your risk of injury in the future by strengthening both muscle and connective tissue. By affecting muscle fiber force and recruiting larger motor units via the Eccentric Mode, the experience of high tension and high positive mechanical stress facilitate greater adaptation for strength and size. 

More and more studies are showing the benefits of strength training. Science also shows that if an exercise is done at high intensity, there are no additional benefits after one-set to momentary muscular failure (MMF). Inspired by these findings, the Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode on Speede creates such a high-quality resistance compared to traditional weights that one can achieve the benefits of four hours of exercise in as little as 12-15 minutes. As a reminder, the process of creating an orderly recruitment of muscle fiber in the appropriate time frame against the proper resistance provides a tremendous advantage of saving time while eliciting the desired training effects. The Isokinetic Mode can either be programmed or provide programs ranging between 40 and 90 seconds of appropriate load along the strength curve to create the perfect resistance for each movement performed. This allows a safe environment to reach momentary muscular failure (MMF) which provides a vast array of benefits including improved muscle strength and size, fat metabolization, improved cardiovascular conditioning and even improved insulin sensitivity.

Traditional “cardio” exercise focuses on the heart—but in fact, the science shows that challenging all of your muscles provides greater “cardio” benefits. The increased mechanical work of the body will stimulate “cardio” every time, activating nerve impulses, oxygen-carrying blood transport, and increased heart rate.

Maximally stimulating the muscles creates the best way to improve total capacity of the cardiovascular system and not just one substrate in the aerobic system. It’s during recovery of high-intensity training that stimulates the “cardio” or aerobic system EQUAL or GREATER than conventional steady-state “cardio” exercise. Training with Speede in the Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode also creates readily available energy (glucose) for use by the working muscles. It also trains the body to reduce the “need” of oxygen in the lungs creating more efficient use in the tissue. And during high-intensity strength training, not only is heart function maintained or enhanced, but all aspects of cardiovascular cellular metabolism are achieved which provide the greatest benefit to cardiovascular health.

We can also give credit to high-intensity strength training for the improvements of the metabolic system ranging from fat metabolism and emptying glycogen from the muscles to helping restore insulin sensitivity (which may have important implications for reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes). Altogether, strength training has positive effects on cardiovascular and metabolic responses that favor not only better heart health but overall health.

Many strength coaches and trainers know the importance of maintaining strength in-season.  But with Speede, athletes can get stronger in-season with less work to attain it. With the Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode we are able to attain the right sequential order of muscle fiber recruitment (slow type I, intermediate type IIA and type IIAB, fast twitch type IIB) with perfect resistance in as little as 40-90 seconds of work by tapping into IIB fibers safely and efficiently.  

Using Speede’s Eccentric (Excentric™) Mode simply one time per week in-season can allow for greater force production and hypertrophy in fast twitch fiber (due to greater stiffness in titin molecules compared to slow twitch).  

Coaches can now implement either mode on one of the strength sessions in-season of their programming by simply switching out traditional “push, pull, leg” movements and replacing them with either mode on Speede. Within 1.5 to 4.5 minutes, you have reached the necessary stimulus to achieve momentary muscular failure (MMF) safely. You can harness the largest muscle fibers and stimulate continued strength gains while allowing for the necessary recovery to be ready for game time.

Strength training, specifically eccentric loading, is widely used in rehabilitation and physical therapy. Studies have shown eccentric-concentrated strength movements are more effective than traditional protocols for ACL and knee arthroplasty rehab, and can provide fast improvements. At any point during the strength phase of therapy, implementing the Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode and then Eccentric (Excentric™) Mode can provide the necessary stimulus to rebuild strength faster than most standard protocols, while also boosting the patient’s confidence.

The Isokinetic Mode provides a unique twist on the strength phase of a physical therapy plan. With the ability to use a percentage of effort of resistance, the patient can use the strength curve (the muscles’ ability to exert different amounts of force at various joint angles) to their advantage. In any particular movement during their therapy session you’ll find that the patient actually fatigues to the state of creating less force than the resistance. This approach—becoming weaker as they move through the reps—nearly eliminates the risk of injury. From restoring imbalances to offering an objective measurement of a muscle's strength, Speede is useful throughout the rehabilitation process.

The Eccentric Mode also provides a unique advantage to using eccentrics for tissue repair.  The lengthening property of eccentric contractions helps to organize the scar tissue that is formed in muscles and tendons after injury. The disorganized tissue tends to make the muscle and tendon weaker and less efficient. Using eccentrics can help optimize and orient in the same line as healthy tissue.  

Another benefit of Speede is the ability to create strength with less energy. Tissue injuries already require the body to use a great deal of energy in the healing process, and eccentric exercises use minimal energy. So with Speede, the injured tissue is able to be strengthened and heal at the same time. Not to mention that eccentrics improve blood flow to the injured area and stimulate collagen production (which is a major building block for both muscles and tendons). 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no scientific evidence that indicates a well-designed resistance training program will stunt childrens’ growth or harm their developing skeletal structures. Actually, starting at childhood may be the best time to participate in strength-based activities to enhance bone mineral content and density. A young individual can benefit greatly from a resistance training program as early as his/her attention span may allow. Young athletes should begin with bodyweight movements, focus on form and position, and keep exercise fun above all else.

Using Speede can be a great addition by utilizing the Standard Mode in a supervised manner, depending on the age, to provide the next level of resistance beyond bodyweight movements. As form and position via bodyweight are mastered, Speede’s Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode can provide the right amount of resistance based on the input of applied force within the movement. So as fatigue sets in there’s less force applied, dramatically reducing the risk of injury compared to traditional weight training.

The answer to this is an emphatic YES! Not only is it safe, but research shows that strength is the most important trait one can keep or attain as we age. What’s most impressive is the ability to create anti-aging effects in as little as 1-2 times per week with simply 12-15 minutes per session. Through Speede’s Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode and its perfect resistance, in as little as 40-90 seconds of work per movement, one can attain a myriad of benefits such as:

-Improved muscular strength and function

-Improved flexibility

-Increased energy levels

-Improved neurological benefits

-Stimulate bone growth    

-Improve metabolism function

-Reduce body fat

-Improve genetic markers (cellular function)

-Improve insulin sensitivity

-Improve cardiovascular function

-Improved oxygen delivery

-Reverse aging (Source:


Coupling the Speede technology with sound nutrition is simply a no-brainer as we age.

There is a vast amount of information that is available when it comes to breathing correctly.  Diaphragm breathing not only trains the diaphragm muscle, but is the proper way to breathe regardless of activity. Located between the chest and abdominal cavity, it should be the main focus that powers your breathing.

During exercise there are various ways to address diaphragmatic breathing. One approach that can help without creating too much tension is to take a deep breath in, exhale 1/3 of the breath and then inhale 1/4. This will feel a little deeper than a normal breath. Upon exertion (like a pushing or pulling movement), continue to hold in the breath till you have passed the hardest part of the movement. Then begin to breathe out to full exhale at completion of the movement/repetition. Inhale again slowly as you return to the start position.  

Within the Isokinetic (Nemesis) Mode and Eccentric (Excentric™) Mode, the breathing may be adjusted and should be continuous and natural. Since rate of breathing is regulated by Ph levels in the blood and not the need for oxygen (O2), it’s important to follow a natural, relaxed jaw, open-mouth breathing approach to expel the carbon dioxide (CO2) to help balance the lactic acidosis and create an alkaline state. As the exertion progresses, Ph levels drop in the blood which will lead to a breathing rate increase.   

Rest and recovery is one of the most important aspects of health and fitness. Without proper rest and recovery, the benefits of exercise become not only futile, but may lead to more harm and chronic injury. Smart training with Speede provides the necessary stimulus to achieve an intense workout, which will create the demand for rest and recovery to elicit the ideal adaptations and exercise benefits.

Although there are numerous activities, devices and recovery/regeneration programs, the best kind of recovery for your body is sleep, period. Sleep provides:

-Increase muscle growth

-Fat metabolization

-Healing and tissue repair

-Increase immunity

-Improved brain functionality

-Weight maintenance

Along with proper nutrition, sleep and rest provide the time to remove lactic acid from muscle tissue after intense sessions, repair muscle tissue, restore glycogen within muscle to be readily used and keep hormones cortisol and adrenaline in check.

When proper rest and recovery are implemented, Speede can help you build strength quickly and create sustained health benefits such as body fat utilization, improved insulin sensitivity and improved cardiovascular benefits.

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